Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh

Having a Second Chance is the basic human right, without any exception. This value becomes our beacon of light in Second Chance Foundation as one of the few independent NGO in Indonesia, which put our focus and aim to improve the quality of life for inmates or commonly known as prisoners.


Inmates as a group of people with negative stigma, raises the ignorance from society about their existence. This condition gives me a wakeup call to initiate this foundation.


When I was accompanied my husband, Amir Syamsudin as Minister of Law and Human Rights of Cabinet Indonesia Bersatu II 2011-2014, I met with hundreds and more inmates. I witnessed their life behind the prison’s walls and did lots of discussions from heart to heart with them. I discovered a hidden truth which really open my eyes. Inmates are the same human being as us, with the same needs of love, affection, and they just simply made a mistake intentionally or not. They really hope, they will able to have another second chance to fix themselves and back to the right path.


Unfortunately, they have to face an ugly truth after they get their freedom, really unease situation. This difficulty comes from our own society who already had their own perception, prejudge without considering the other things. They alienate those ex-inmates, give more difficulties to find a job, even their own family shown rejection. Finally, lots of ex-inmates are easily repeating their own mistake. No one cares and supports them to back on the right path.

Second Chance Foundation wants to become their beacon of lights, walk with them side by side, hand to hand, assist them to have their own life, back to the right path. Makes them shine again for the one they love and become a better person.

Our program is very simple, we give a training class, mentoring, teaching and couching, hence they will able to improve their skill and learn a new skill, even they able to get some income while they still in prison and after they back to their society. In the correctional facility, we see more than 200 thousand inmates all across Indonesia who are still in the productive. They have been forced to leave their family, their work, their normal life in order to serve prison. We really want to give more support to them; thus, they can maximize their time with positive activity while they are here. Physically, they don’t have any freedom, but we believe there’s no reason to stop their creativity and imagination as a human being. In the matter of fact, they able to produce a piece of fine craftmanship, with high economical value.


With fully support from Indonesia’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Second Chance Foundation willing to accommodate a good relationship and communication within inmates and our society. It becomes our concern since we see inappropriate knowledge and negative paradigm in our society related with correctional facility.


Correctional facility has a vision to guide a person walk on the right path, help them to be appreciated by others as a human being who needs a forgiveness. It is not a damned place for a people who spend their punishment time. It supposes to guide and prepare them, one day they can return to their own society. It is a very challenging time for inmates to live their life here, but the worst part is not coming from the correctional facility itself, but it comes when they accomplished their punishment time and they have to live their normal life, back to their own society. It’s very ironic when society alienates, rejects the ex-inmates, while they truly want to repent their sins and try to improve themselves.


Napi Craft is an event to exhibit craftsmanship from inmates becomes one of our routine which we initiated on 2012. With Napi Craft, we give chance to society become a witness, to see by themselves, to appreciate inmate’s creativity and good will. We really hope it will help to reduce negative stigma from our society and at the end they will able to show their appreciation, their involvement and care, and finally they able to give them a second chance by the time.


Last but not least, we want to give Second Chance Foundation to all Indonesians, and we really hope with an open arm, we can show more empathy by giving them forgiveness. We believe, a Great Nation is a nation who wants to forgive the other’s mistake and give them a Second Chance.

Assalamu’alaikum Wr WB


Founder : Mr. Dr. Amir Syamsudin,SH,MH.

Founder and Chief : Mrs. Evy Amir Syamsudin

Secretary : Mrs. Ida Rosyidah

Mr. Didi Irawadi Syamsudin


Exchequer : Mrs. Ratna Christina

Member : Mr. Baskoro Dwi Prabowo

Mr. Wahyu Hendrajati Setyo




Chief : Mrs. Harkristuti Harkrisnowo

Member : Mr. Ebenezer Tarigan

Mr. Cahyo Rahadian Muzhar



1. Perempuan loncat berwarna Merah :
Menggambarkan warga binaan perempuan yang sedang berusaha, warna merah berarti semangat.


2. Pria loncat berwarna biru :
Menggambarkan warga binaan pria yang sedang berusaha, warna biru berarti optimistis/rasa percaya diri.

3. Kupu-Kupu :
Menggambarkan metamorfosis dan transformasi.

4. Bintang :
Menggambarkan harapan dan impian.

5. TulisanSecond Chance Foundation” :
Menjelaskan nama dari yayasan yang berarti kesempatan kedua khususnya bagi warga binaan.


Represents the spirit of inmates with their high optimism in order to get a second chance, hence they able to transforming themselves into a better person, thus they can achieve their dreams as high as stars in the skies, like a wise man says "sky is the limit", although there's no limit in the sky itself. Aligning with our dreams, Second Chance Foundation believes those inmates able to become a productive individual and put their creativity continuosly as it has no limits.

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