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Tangerang Correctional Institution and Second Chance Foundation Handover Symbolic Mockup of Newspaper Roll Building


TANGERANG, SC – The Tangerang Class I Correctional Institution and the Second Chance Foundation held a symbolic handover of a mock-up of an office building in the Mega Kuningan area made from rolled newspapers. The mockup was designed by 4 inmates by the Tangerang Class I Correctional Institution for 5 months.


The head of the Second Chance Foundation, Evy Amir Syamsudin, said that the large mockup was one of the results of mentoring the inmates at the Tangerang Prison. This mock-up development activity is to encourage the inmates to be able to be creative so as to produce products that are varied and have economic value.

“The mockup is the masterpiece of 4 residents of Tangerang Class I Correctional Institution, which is artistic and environmentally friendly. This is something amazing because they are creative by using materials that are no longer used and processing them into magnificent installation artworks with used newspapers as the main raw materials,” said Evy when giving a speech.


Making the mockup, continued Evy, was not easy. Due to the high level of complexity, both in terms of the size of the mock-up which is quite large, and the structure of the mock-up which is quite complex. However, the four inmates have a strong determination to develop their abilities within the existing limitations.


Later, the mock-up of the 42-stages building will become one of the typical installations that can be witnessed by everyone who comes to the building. So that visitors can also get to know the makers.


"This is to increase public awareness of the positive impact of correctional activities. It also opens our shared insight and knowledge, that behind the bars there is a lot of potentials that can be developed together," he said.


In addition, Second Chance also sees other opportunities by supporting the plan for the production of tempeh chips through supporting equipment for the production of these snacks, such as high-pressure stoves, tempeh slicing machines to plastic presses.


Evy emphasized that all parties should ensure that the inmates get sufficient provisions to build a decent and independent life after completing their criminal period. So that they can stand on an equal footing with other members of the community and not fall back into committing acts that are against the law.


"The inmates are human beings as well as human resources who deserve to be treated well and humanely in an integrated coaching system involving the coaches, who are being fostered, and the community to improve the quality of life of each inmate," he said.

Let bygones be bygones


Meanwhile, the Head of Tangerang Correctional Institution, Victor Teguh Prihartono, said that the mock-up work designed by 4 inmates by the Tangerang Correctional Institution proves that success must be initiated. Starting from small things in order to produce something bigger and have a wide impact.


“Like a miniature of this building. It was originally a small (step) from 4 people who used to make small things like tissue boxes until they could make big things like this. This is an example of the work of our friends here,” said Victor.


He believes this work is a form of the spirit of the inmates in the Tangerang Prison. Therefore, the talents and potential of the inmates must be optimally developed to build new lives and hopes.

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"Let bygones be bygones. Conditions before we enter let it be our story. We don't talk about right and wrong. But we are talking about our future. After we are here, our job is to provide assistance, provide guidance, provide something useful as a provision, serve as a reference for skills when we leave here to be better. That's our job," he said.


He appreciated the presence of the Second Chance Foundation and other Tangerang prison-related partners. He believes that the presence of partners can open up wide opportunities for the inmates to gain access to skills development. So that the inmates can gain insight, skills to increase productivity. According to Victor, his party is not only responsible for providing spiritual provisions, but also creating productivity and independence through increasing independence.


"We will pursue it, we will be competitive. These things are also for all my fellow officers so that they become motivation that to make something we have to learn a lot to train ourselves so that in the future with a belief our productivity will increase and be competitive with other parties, with other private companies. It might even be able to attract third parties to invest in us. Opportunities are all possible,” said Victor.


"All we have left now is to share the determination, vision, and mission to support these training, to build our beloved prison to be more advanced and reap achievements," he continued


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