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We invite you to buy WBP products to support the growth of the creative economy inside and outside prisons. The proceeds from sales of the products purchased will be re-managed by the Second Chance Foundation in order to maintain the sustainability of the WBP empowerment programs.


With a combination of rolled old newspapers and shells of clam shells, the prisoners in Tangerang Pemuda Prison turn the two main ingredients into artsy and environmentally friendly crafts that can decorate the corner of your home to make it look more attractive.


Made from old newspapers which are assembled with water-based adhesives and polishes, this ornament is a craft that has artistic value and is environmentally friendly. This craft proves that limited space does not curb their creativity and productivity. In addition to Christmas tree decorations, these ornaments can also decorate house windows and serve as key chains.


Seashell shells may not be a useful item for some people. However, in the hands of the prisoners in the Pemuda Tangerang prison, these shells can be transformed into environmentally friendly crafts to decorate the corner of your house to make it look more attractive.


This work was designed exclusively by the inmates of the Tangerang Women's Prison (WBP) in their waiting for rehabilitation through a training program between the Second Chance Foundation and DoubleTree Hilton.


The product, which was designed by designer Mira Hoeng, was knitted by 35 prisoners at the Malang Women's Prison. With the basic material of polyester, knitting yarn and dacron, this knit reflects their hope and courage to navigate life like jellyfish freely swimming in the dark sea calmly.


This colorful patterned knit pouch with strong stitching is the result of the diligence of the prison assisted residents (WBP) of the Tangerang Women's Prison. This pouch is suitable for storing a number of items that you have, such as cosmetics, to personal cellphone accessories.


The Rocky doll is a manifestation of dreams, aspirations, and hopes for a better future from the inmates (WBP) at the Tangerang Children's and Women's Prison. Their efforts to sew these dolls one by one is a reflection of their self-reflection to change, correct mistakes, and motivate themselves to achieve dreams of a better life. This doll is suitable to be used as decoration in the corner of the house, such as the room and living room or as a toy for children.


Notebook dengan cover berbahan kertas dan majalah bekas ini merupakan salah satu produk unggulan yang dihasilkan oleh warga binaan pemasyarakatan (WBP) Lapas Salemba. Para WBP di Lapas Salemba terkenal dengan kemampuannya memanfaatkan koran bekas ke dalam berbagai kerajinan, seperti replika kendaraan hingga kotak tisu.


Made from patchwork, the inmates of Denpasar Women's Correctional Institution are able to produce earrings that can make you look attractive.

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The handicrafts made from wood carvings and seashells are designed neatly and attractively by the inmates in Mataram Correctional Institution. Made from simple materials, this craft is a superior product produced by Mataram Correctional Institution. The quality of its production and its aesthetic value has also been recognized internationally and are the pride of Indonesia.

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Famous for their expertise in designing handicrafts made from used newspapers, the inmates (WBP) turn old newspaper rolls into tissue boxes and art-value and environmentally friendly stationery storage boxes that can be used in homes and offices.


Miniatur kapal Dewa Ruci produksi Lapas Kelas 1 Tangerang dibuat dari lintingan koran bekas.


Dengan memanfaatkan koran-koran bekas menghasilkan sebuah karya yang berkelas


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Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung No. 2 

RT.5/RW.2, Kuningan, Kuningan Tim., Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12950

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