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Publisher Kiddo and Second Chance Foundation Support Children's Book Launch


Publisher Kiddo in collaboration with the Second Chance Foundation invites the children to get acquainted with Cahaya, the orang-utan, and explore the tropical forest where she lives virtually.


The children on this virtual adventure will be accompanied by a fairy taleist, Rona Mentari and the author of Cahaya Discovers the King of Fruits, Michelle Kusuma. Children will also be invited to help Cahaya solve chain puzzles in an interactive game of finding their favorite durian fruit.

This book tells the story of Light, who one day finds a fruit with an appearance that provokes curiosity. The fruit is round, hard as a rock and full of small thorns. Mother of Light said that the fruit is the King of All Fruits.


Does Light dare to taste the "prickly stone"?

What did Light find beneath the prickly skin of the fruit?

What will Light find about that Great King of All Fruits?


The light of Discovers the King of Fruits does more than just explore a person's curiosity and ability to take risks when trying something new. But it also emphasizes that orangutans are living things. People who are just like humans, love their mothers, they love to play, they like adventure and they also love to make friends.


This virtual adventure event will take place on:

• Saturday, 5 June 2021

• 16: 00-17: 00 WIB


This event is free and open to children aged 6-12 years (limited number of participants) by accessing the link for registration:


Parents can invite their children to take part in this virtual adventure. Five kids who become junior explorers on this virtual adventure will be rewarded with attractive books from Kiddo Publishers.


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