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Together with, Second Chance Foundation Holds Artisan Soap Training at LPP Tangerang

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Artisan soap created by the inmates at the Class IIA Women's Prison in Tangerang

JAKARTA, SC - Following up on a skills training collaboration with the Tangerang Class IIA Women's Correctional Institution (LPP) to increase independence, the Second Chance Foundation collaborates with to provide artisan soap making training to 15 participants consisting of female assisted residents and LPP job guidance officers Tangerang,

Today, the use of artisan soap is gaining popularity due to its skin properties, as well as its unique shape and color tone. This soap is also suitable for people who tend to have skin problems or sensitive skin.

The Head of LPP Tangerang, Esti Wahyuningsih, appreciated the efforts of the Second Chance Foundation and BioTalk in holding this training.

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"Thanks to Second Chance friends. And we are also happy to have Ms. Wiwi Wiral, the wonderful Owner of I spoke with Ms. Wiwiek, this artisan soap can be used for our entire face and body, and this is extraordinary. , "he said in his speech.

During the current pandemic, continued Esti, training activities like this are very important for the Tangerang LPP and its female assisted residents.

Esti hopes that the WBP participants and officers involved in this training can develop artisan soap products independently. And this artisan soap product could become the superior product of LPP Tangerang in the future.

"Because later it is hoped that after the activity, this soap can be developed by WBP, especially women who are attached to beauty and cleanliness. We can use this artisan soap for our own cleanliness and beauty because this artisan soap is good for the skin, it can treat acne. to treat eczema, "he said.

Meanwhile, Founder Wiwi Wiral Arbi said he was happy to be able to provide training in making artisanal soap by sharing his insights and skills with female assisted residents and LPP Tangerang officers.

"My reason is that I want to share my blessings. Because BioTalk has been around until now it's been 5 years. I hope this blessing can be shared with those in need. Who knows they can inspire us and be great one day," he continued.

He felt that this training was important for the women assisted by the Tangerang LPP. This is because they can develop their potential through various coaching and training programs.

"I feel it is important to share knowledge, share recipes for them. Because they have a lot of time here, they are nurtured. So they can practice and when they leave here they become nurtured and talented people," he said.

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