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When the Inmates Showcase their Work and Crafts to the Public

Another program from the Second Chance Foundation is Napi Craft. Napi Craft is an activity that serves as a means of promotion and publication to showcase and market quality products created by assisted residents to be accepted and noticed by the community. This activity is part of the Second Chance Foundation's role in providing various mentoring and continuous training to WBPs, such as farming, batik, sewing, cooking to making crafts. So, they can produce products, works or crafts with high economic and artistic value.

The Second Chance Foundation has organized this event in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018. Napi Craft has been held at The East Building, Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, and the Jakarta Convention Center Hall Senayan. In 2018, Napi Craft was held from 31 October to 7 November 2018 at the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum to increase public interest in visiting the museum. Every year Napi Craft has succeeded in increasing public awareness of the issue of prisoner empowerment.

Evy Amir Syamsudin, founder of the Second Chance Foundation, appreciated the work of the assisted residents. "The positive value of the prisoners' products is that with all the limited facilities, they are able to produce products of very good quality," said Evy at that time.

Not only mentoring and training in prisons, the Second Chance Foundation also seeks to educate the public that prisoners have the potential and opportunity to change in a positive direction. The inmates also have the right to be given a second chance to correct their past mistakes.

Through art exhibitions like this, it is hoped that the public can better understand the feelings and hopes of the assisted residents behind bars. So that they are more concerned and support the creation of a second chance for them to change.

The Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Yasona H Laoly is also enthusiastic and proud of the Napi Craft exhibition, which annually displays the work of prisoners.

"I hope that with this exhibition the prisoners can continue to develop their creativity and interest in the arts so that even though they are in a limited space, their creativity is not limited," said Yasonnna at that time.

A similar hope was conveyed by the Director General of Corrections at that time, Sri Puguh Budi Utami. "Through Napi Craft, we hope that the prisoners' work activities are not only as a filler of time while in prison / remand center, but also as a skill capital and encourage the creative economy. Moreover, the work produced has high selling value and international quality, "said Utami.


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