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Collaborate with Tangerang Women Prison, Second Chance Foundation Develop Skills Training For Inmates

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TANGERANG, SCF - Second Chance Foundation (SCF) with the Tangerang Class IIA Women Correctional Institution developing skills training for inmates. SCF representatives present in the opening ceremony event with six other strategic partners, Friday (5/3/2021).

The Head of Tangerang Women Prison, Esti Wahyuningsih, appreciated SCF's concern and continuing support in developing the potential of the assisted residents in LPP Tangerang through various training programs.

"There are skills development activity provided by the Second Chance Foundation, led by Mrs. Evy Amir Syamsudin (Founder of SCF). The program originates from Second Chance, and we inviting inmates to join the programs. Alhamdulillah, there are still those who care about the inmates. Thanks to Second Chance,” in her welcome speech.

The cooperation between SCF and Tangerang Women Correctional Institution consists of a couple  training activities as part of their independent development for example soap-making skills and cloth dyeing techniques.

"This is a fundamental and good step in the social integration process for our fellow inmates in order to create a safer society," said Deputy Director of SCF Elia Surya in her statement.

According to Esti, the support for skills development activities initiated with SCF and six other collaborative partners go hand in hand with social and medical rehabilitation support for the inmates because almost 98 percent of the inmates who are in the Tangerang Women Prison came from narcotics crimes.

"Of the 354 (inmates), 333 came from narcotics crimes. There is one inmate that came from terrorism crime, while the others are general criminal offenses. So a lot of inmates here comes from drug cases," she said.

Esti targets skills training programs designed to increase the independence and productivity of the assisted residents. So they can use the skills and knowledge they have acquired as a provision for independent living when they return to society.

"To achieve that goal, we cannot stand alone. Community support and involvement are needed, in this case, our collaborative partner," she said.

So far, said Esti, the existing training programs are training in sewing, laundry, coffee barista, and cake & pastry. Around 80 inmates will participate in those programs.

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On the other hand, Head of the Banten Province Correctional Division, Muji Raharjo emphasized that the training programs initiated by the Tangerang Women Correctional Institution together with seven strategic partners were an effort to improve the quality of the correctional system.

"Since the penitentiary system was declared, the state has committed to not making you (the inmates) evil again. As long as you are in prison, you are nurtured and educated. We will introduce you to all the community as well. These working partners are part of the community. So that there is no longer a term for deterrence. As you know, we cannot solve the prison problems alone. They want to save you all. How? By developing your potential," said Muji in front of working partners and Tangerang Women Correctional Institution inmates.

According to Muji, this collaboration will reduce the risk of breaking inmates' capacity to build social relationships when they finish their sentence and being released from prison. So they can have a better life.

"So we explore your potential so that you become a perfect human. Humans who are happy and have a better life, this is our goal. So that your life can be better," he said.


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