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Second Chance Foundation continues to help distribute a wide variety of programs and knowledge with the hope that it can be a valuable skill that can help inmates earn their place back in society. To continue running these programs onwards, we need all of us to contribute with full support. Let us join hands, give back and share a part of our abundance to the Second Chance Foundation via Bank BNI (KCU Dukuh Bawah) account number : 123.335.5677.

If not us, who else? If not now, then when?

(By Donating for this cause, you are entitled to get one of the books written by Mrs.Evy Amir Syamsudin below*)

“Voicing The Voiceless”
Release Date : 2015

This book will give us different perspective from the correctional facilities, we can see lots of good potention and opportunity which able to be developed from the inside. One of the example, we can see a productive workshop in the correctional facilities. In 2014, Indonesia has 160.000 inmates and actually this is a very good resources if we can develop those people. This situation raises the optimism from Mrs. Evy Amir Syamsudin that correctional facility also has a good potential in the economical scale. Not only to improve the life quality of the inmates specifically, but generally it will improve life quality of our society as well.

“Made In Prison”
Release Date : 2018

This book tells us about several creative products which surprisingly have been produced in the middle of correctional facility with all of its limitation. Start from delicious pastries, exceptional hand painting, until products with export quality. There're a personal story in the behind of creation process of those piece of art from each inmate. Through this productive activity, bit by bit they try to change their regret into a new hope.

*Hati - hati dengan pihak tidak bertanggung jawab yang mengatas namakan Second Chance Foundation

*Segala bentuk Donasi hanya melalui Rekening Bank BNI (KCU Dukuh Bawah):123.335.5677 a/n Yayasan Second Chance

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