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Cerita ES, Warga Binaan LPP Tangerang Pengidap Kanker yang Bangkit untuk Pulih

Salah satu kelompok penyintas kanker juga ada di sejumlah lembaga pemasyarakatan dan rumah tahanan negara (rutan) di Indonesia. Second Chance Foundation berkesempatan berbincang-bincang secara daring dengan warga binaan perempuan berinisial ES, yang sedang menjalani vonis di Lapas Perempuan Kelas IIA Tangerang.

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Roti Mahina hingga Sirup Pala, Produk Unggulan Lapas Perempuan Ambon

Setiap lembaga pemasyarakatan di Indonesia memiliki beragam kegiatan kerja atau program pembinaan kemandirian unggulan yang menjadi daya tarik tersendiri, tak terkecuali Lapas Perempuan (LPP) Kelas III Ambon. Lapas yang dipimpin oleh Ellen M. Risakotta ini memiliki ragam kegiatan mandiri di sejumlah sektor. Untuk sektor jasa, LPP Ambon memiliki salon dan spa; sektor kuliner memiliki produksi sirup pala, sambal roa dan roti; sektor industri memiliki kegiatan menjahit dan kerajinan tangan; sektor agribisnis memiliki hidroponik dan pertanian.

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The Second Chance Foundation will Launch a Collection of Short Stories for Inmates and Children, The Voice Behind The Bar

Contains a collection of touching stories with various themes, such as admiration for national heroes, humorous stories, love stories of a mother, to stories about empowering inmates in the environmental field, which were later recorded by the Second Chance Foundation with publisher Elex Media Komputindo.

Tangerang Correctional Institution and Second Chance Foundation Handover Symbolic Mockup of Newspaper Roll Building

The Tangerang Class I Correctional Institution and the Second Chance Foundation carried out a symbolic handover of a mock-up of an office building in the Mega Kuningan area made from rolled newspapers. The mockup was designed by 4 residents assisted by the Tangerang Prison for 5 months.

Publisher Kiddo and Second Chance Foundation Support the Launch of Children's Fairy Tales

Publisher Kiddo in collaboration with the Second Chance Foundation invites the children to get acquainted with Cahaya, the orang-utan and explore the tropical forest where she lives virtually.

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Together with, Second Chance Foundation Holds Artisan Soap Training at LPP Tangerang

Today, the use of artisan soap is gaining popularity due to its skin properties, as well as its unique shape and color tone. This soap is also suitable for people who tend to have skin problems or sensitive skin.

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Celebrating International Women's Day, SCF Showcased Dozens of Women's Inmates Crafts at DoubleTree Hotel Jakarta

In commemoration of World Women's Day 2021 on March 8, the Second Chance Foundation (SCF) collaborated with DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta. SCF opened a booth to showcase dozens of creations by female inmates at the Class IIA Women's Prison in Tangerang and the Class IIA Women's Prison in Jakarta.

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Collaborate with Tangerang Women Prison, Second Chance Foundation Develop Skills Training For Inmates

Second Chance Foundation (SCF) with the Tangerang Class IIA Women Correctional Institution developing skills training for inmates. SCF representatives present in the opening ceremony event with six other strategic partners, Friday (5/3/2021)

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Followed by 146 Participants,

Second Chance Foundation Announces 6 Winners of Short Story Contest

Second Chance Foundation has held a short story contest with the theme “Second Chance in Limited Space, Unlimited Creativity”. Around 146 inmates & juveniles in 27 Technical Implementation Units (UPT) of the Directorate General of Corrections of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in 14 Indonesian provinces participate in this event. There are 6 participants who were announced as winners by three members of the jury at the commemoration of International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2020.

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Encourage Inmates` Creativity and Productivity,
Second Chance Foundation Holds a Short Story Contest

The Second Chance Foundation Short Story Contest is an alternative solution to fill the gaps in activities that were delayed due to the corona pandemic which has limited the movement of all parties. We encourage WBP and children to remain productive and creative even though they are faced with the corona pandemic.


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